Fuel-operated heaters

More comfort and safety with superior technology.

KHP Sales LP is authorised to sell original Eberspächer air- and water-operated heaters for commercial vehicles, as well as for cars and vans.

Frost, dampness and snow will usually leave you hoping for a much better work environment in most vehicle cabins. Frozen windows, chilly weather and dampness during breaks are a strain on the health and work performance of most machinery operators and truck drivers. The best solution is, therefore, a heater independent from the engine.

Eberspächer heaters warm up the cabin, the work environment or the trunk to a suitable temperature, regardless of the engine. It increases comfort and safety, and is economical.

An air- or water-operated heater -- it's your choice

Eperspächer air-operated heaters

An air-operated heater works completely independently from the engine. It sucks in air from either inside or outside the cabin, heats the air, and blows it back into the cabin.


  • Extremely fast warm-up, once the heater is turned on
  • Low battery-consumption. Ideal heater for situations where the vehicle remains stationary for long periods.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Pre-selection of the cabin's temperature
  • Stepless adjustment of the cabin temperature
  • Option for ventilation during the summer
  • Simple installation
  • Easy to service

Eperspächer water-operated heaters

A water-operated heater heats both the engine and the cabin at the same time. The heater is usually installed in the engine compartment, and is connected to the coolant circulation.

Thus, the vehicle's own heating system warms up the cabin via its own air channels and, by adjusting the speed of the fan, the temperature can be altered. The start-time and duration of the pre-heating, can be set with a timer.

This luxury heating system is topped off with a remote control, or GSM initiation.


  • Heats the cabin as well as the engine. As a result, we get a reliable start-up that is gentle to the engine and saves on fuel, and a cabin that is warm almost immediately.
  • Distributes the air via the cabin's own air channels
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Quiet and power-saving
  • Functions are entirely electronically-operated
  • Continuous function-monitoring
  • Reliability and diagnosis functions
  • Service-friendly; little need for servicing