KHP Country Clima

KHP Country Clima air-conditioner maintenance station

Cars - Tractors - Construction vehicles

Technical data

  • The database contains cars, tractors and construction vehicles
  • Multi-language user interface (see full list at the bottom of this page)
  • Weighing scale with locking mechanism for safe transportation
  • 5 m hose
  • 10 kg refridgerant tank
  • Size: 580 x 550 x 980 mm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Power supply: 230V 50Hz (12V DC with an additional inverter)
KHP Country Clima ilmastointihuoltolaite

This fully automatic maintenance station is designed for the working conditions of heavy equipment, which means the KHP Country Clima has some significant features.

The lockable weighing scale allows transportation in maintenance vehicles, retaining calibration even in rugged environments.

The supplied 5 meter hose enables servicing air conditioning without moving the maintenance station.

The user interface, available in several languages, is easy to handle. With only four buttons it is possible to control all its functions. The buttons are large enough to use with gloves, and the clear graphical display helps further, as every function provides visual feedback.

In addition to passenger cars the comprehensive internal database in KHP Country Clima also contains tractors and construction vehicles, meaning it is unnecessary to find out optimal refridgerant filling levels beforehand.

Interface languages: English, Swedish, Finnish, Russian, German, French, Danish, Dutch, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Polish, Lithuanian, Hungarian, Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, Croatian, Chinese, Korean, Romanian, Arabic