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3D mallinnus

We utilise 3D modeling technology in our designs.

Ensure a pleasant work environment with KHP air-conditioning.

KHP Sales specialises in the design, manufacture and sale of heavy-duty air-conditioning and refrigeration units.

Our customers are the end-users of the machinery, as well as the manufacturers and importers. KHP’s air-conditioning product range includes air-conditioning for all machinery. If an existing type of air-conditioning cannot be found in the product range, we are able to custom-make machine-specific air-conditioning according to the customer's requirements.

We also sell and install temperature control units, as well as insulation for trunks in light trucks and vans.

KHP Sales also sells a service kit under its own name, for servicing air-conditioners. Naturally, we have oils and refrigerants, as well as spare parts for air-conditioning.