Rear-view cameras

For professional use -- for tractors, machinery and commercial vehicles!

    A rear-view camera system for professional use. Three cameras with lens-heating can be simultaneously connected to the seven-inch screen. The screen comes with a remote control, which allows the screen to be located practically anywhere. The camera and cables are waterproof.
    Peruutuskameran näyttö ja kamera

    In addition, when using multiple cameras, a group cable is available as an accessory, through which all the camera’s channels are run. Thus, it is easier to connect to machinery or a trailer.  The camera and frame are metal, which guarantee a durable and stable structure, even during frost. Finnish installation and user-manual.



    • 7″ screen, which includes a remote control.
    • Aspect ratio 16:9.
    • Three cameras can be connected to the screen simultaneously
    • Works at a voltage of 12V and 24V.
    • Audio input.


    • The camera can be connected in a way that allows a certain function of the machinery to control it. For example, when the gear is in reverse, the camera will automatically switch on.
    • The exterior of the camera, as well as the bracket, are metal.
    • Waterproof IP 67.
    • 28 pcs IR LED also ensures visibility in the dark.
    • Also suitable for winter, thanks to the heated camera lens.
    • The connectors are waterproof.
    • Image area: 120 degrees.

    When multiple cameras are in use, a cable is available as an accessory, through which all the cameras’ signals run. Facilitates the connection of machinery or a trailer.