KHP Sales is a family-run business in Ilmajoki (Finland), which was established in 1982.

30 years

Initially, we offered servicing for agricultural tractors, and also manufactured and installed accessories. Due to the growing demand for these accessories, the company specialised solely in them, which also included air-conditioning accessories.

Since 2000, our only focus has been the manufacturing of heavy-duty air-conditioning; nowadays, we manufacture air-conditioning for every type of machine used in Finland.

Our customers are the machinery's end-users, importers and manufacturers. In addition, we have also invested in the sale of spare parts; nowadays, we can provide spare parts straight from our stock by the following day. Although air-conditioning is our main product, we haven't forgotten about other accessories. We still offer road-tractor accessories, including turbo kits.

We also offer accessories for light trucks and vans that are required for temperature-controlled deliveries. This includes the installation of both refrigeration units and insulation.

KHP Sales is one of the leading refrigeration technology professionals, thanks to its extensive experience.